About Yoga

Yoga comes from India originally. It is practiced there in every corner of the country. It's meaning is derived from its Sanskrit name which is to unite or come together.

Yoga for our purpose here is a means of being with and in your body and doing specific things to help quiet, stretch, relax and unite your whole being or body, mind and spirit. Classes put us in touch with our deepest sense of ourselves which is very rewarding. The outer aspect of life is where we spend most of our time in our daily routine. Yoga gives us the chance to get in touch with, acquaint ourselves with, and then embrace the delightful Beings that we are. The specific things done in a class can include postures, meditation, breath work, chanting and more.


The benefits of yoga are many. People talk about being clear headed, more calm, more flexible, and having their sleep improve. Or they notice they have more energy for their day. This all means long term ability to live an active life with fewer complaints or problems cropping up.

Many have expressed that doing a little yoga or stretching each day wards off back pain or discomfort or it helps to increase the range of motion and strength of shoulders and arms. Using slow mindful yoga can impact high blood pressure and an active class can affect and help to balance high blood sugar.


There are a vast number of styles of yoga that have become mainstream here in Canada and on PEI you do not have to look very far for classes! They are everywhere, in yoga centers and offered in country church halls or community halls. There are outdoor classes in the summer, yoga before running or afterwards. Active yoga to heat up the body and elevate heart rate. Children's yoga and youth yoga. Many schools are incorporating yoga in somewhere as the positive benefits of students being able to take in new information improves and retaining it improves had become evident,  as well as helping to create a class that is more unified and relaxed.


There are styles that suit all individuals. Many of them here at Health Within. 


If you require slow classes for the beginner, classes that cover recovery from surgery or illness we have accredited teachers teaching these. There are fast paced classes, seated classes, lying classes as well. We also have yoga en francais. Sometimes meditation can be a component of the class and also using the breath is a key factor in yoga. The breath is intricately connected to movement and facilitating opening and melting of resistance in the body. Muscles and tissues get an opportunity to be awakened and challenged to relax and soften.


Please visit our calendar for class descriptions, times and teachers.