Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Flower essences are odor-less! Yes, no scent.

Many think of the more well known essential oils that have a wonderful healing aroma.


Flower essences were developed by Dr.Edward Bach in England in the 1930's. Dr. Bach noticed that each person would react or respond differently to being unwell, therefore he believed that a suitable simple health care system should be sought so that each individual would have a unique treatment experience based on their personality.

Dr.Bach developed 38 remedies and those 38 are still produced today by others who were given the privilege of continuing his work. Other Flower Essences have been developed by other companies in parts of the world.


Flower essences are liquid potentized elixers that are used orally or topically to assist us with our mental emotional well being and balance. Each essence has a job to do based on our imbalanced self. If we find we are always in a rush and in the next moment then the essence of impatience could be taken to help bring that into balance. The essences are chosen for those ways of being that are most often there, not for those fleeting times when each of us expereinces and moves through emotions. 


There are many situations for which the essences can help. Chronic pain in the body, death of a loved one, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, wanting to be more active, sticking to new resolutions, faith, menopause, anger, labour and delivery, resentment, ADD challenges and ADHD, depression and so on. Several essences can be blended together to have a more well rounded impact on what ever situation you find yourself in. 

They are subtle, but strong. They are safe and natural. They don't interfere with medications as they work completely differently. People can buy them off the shelf here or can call to have an appointment with a flower essence practitioner. This was several essences can be used at once with out the expense of buying each one individually.