Denise Arsenault

Denise grew up in the 60’s and 70’s outside of Boston in Chelsea, Ma. in a family that was no stranger to home remedies.  Influenced by a culture that was about getting back to natural health she frequented many fast growing health food stores and participated in mini classes such as herbs and teas, colon cleanses, crystal workshops, essential oils etc.


Her love for working with people displayed itself early as she began working in the dental field as an assistant at the age of 14 and then going on to become a Dental Hygienist.


Throughout her life she suffered with terrible allergies and other health issues. Feeling that several of the treatments she had received had compromised her health and also seeing her parents failing health as they started to age, gave her starting points for her quest for optimum health and well-being. There were always several courses or techniques or cleanses that were being investigated.


Over the years Denise has taken many holistic related courses, her love being energy or vibrational medicine. At first the studies revolved around being able to help herself and family members. Denise pursued her studies and began martial arts training (Karate) at the same time that she made a career change in the late 80’s and opened and operated a high end healthy food business.  


As others found out that Denise did some of these healing modalities, they began to seek out treatments and also request that she teach Reiki. And as they say the rest is history.


Denise is Reiki Master/Teacher in several lineages of Reiki. She is also a certified yoga teacher and took the 220 hour program with Ruth Richman and Yogaink. 


Time has gone on and so has Denise. She now holds the designation of Naturotherapist and is one of a partnership (the other is Judy Archibald a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master) that owns and operates Health Within Holistic Centre in Charlottetown, PE.


Denise lives in Stratford PE with her husband Donald (pronounced Donal). They have three children, Jennifer, Michel and Daniel, a son-in-law Derryl, daughter-in-law Destiny and 7.5 (one due in May) grandchildren.


Denise is currently offering:


Yoga "TAP" ~ Start your day stress free by experiencing Yoga 'TAP'. In a new yoga format designed by Denise, you'll experience a blend of many aspects of yoga including chant, yoga poses, breath work, relaxation and meditation along with a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Positive Affirmation mantras. These Yoga 'Taps' sessions will energize you and leave you with a feeling of peace and calm that will enable you to effectively manage your day. Please note that the EFT scripts used during these sessions will be provided as an optional take-home exercise.